About heat treating

steel is hardende by heating it to a specific temperature for a specific amount of time and then quenching it in a prescribed manner. Different type of steel must each be heat treated in a specifice way. After heat treating, the blade is very hard and brittle. It must then be draw tempered in a lower temprature oven to give it some flexibility and bring to it is ideal rockwell hardness.proper heat treating is critical to making a good blade that is tough,durable and holds a good sharp edge. Improper heat treating can literally ruin a blade

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How to make the fixed blade knife?

Start with a design and refine your design on paper and then transferred your design to a piece of steel with a scribble

Using the scribed lines as a guide,the basic shape of blade is cut on a metal cutting bandsaw

The blade goes to the first surface grinder This removes the surface scales and pitting and also insure that the side of the blade are perfectly flat

After the first surface grinding the blade must be heat treating

And affter heat treating and tempering,the blade is surface ground a second time and then ground again with finer grit belts for the finish grind,it will be mirror polished

We finally we have to make a guard and pommel

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